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The Full Story

Welcome to my “All about me page, I am Richard Cairns and have been practising Yoga for 8 years, I started Yoga as way of stretching my middle-aged body that I felt needed to have some attention, whilst doing Yoga I experienced the relaxation side of Yoga which was of interest to me which also plays an important part of the sessions.

I enjoyed it so much and found the impact of yoga a very large part of my life, and I soon became aware that it was a fundamental part of my routine and well-being.

Back in 2019 after a conversation with my yoga teacher and mentor Luci Trendle from the Luci Trendle Traditional Yoga Studio, I started my yoga studying with The Traditional Yoga Association® under the wing and wisdom of Swami Ambikananda.

In February 2022 I passed my exams, so I am qualified as Yoga teacher and a full member of the Traditional Yoga Association.

I have developed a series of classes, programmes to suit all levels of yoga students. I specialise in Hatha Yoga, Breathwork and Functional Bodywork – drawing on many of the available traditional yoga practices, as well as key performance techniques in my classes or private classes and corporate

I will be teaching Yoga on Tuesday evenings at the Luci Trendle Traditional Yoga Studio at Amners Farm near Burghfield Reading RG30 3UE which is a great studio that offers a calm place to practice Hatha Yoga.

For more details on how to sign up for my classes or if you would like private or your company would like to run classes, please click the contact tab and submit your details and I will be in touch.

I look forward to meeting you at one of my classes.


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